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AllEarth Renewables to Install Largest Solar Array in the State of Vermont


AllEarth Renewables to Install 2.2 MW of Solar Power for Largest Solar Array in the State of Vermont


382 AllSun Trackers™ at the South Burlington Solar Farm Will Produce Enough Electricity to Power More Than 400 Vermont Homes


WILLISTON, Vermont--October 27, 2010--AllEarth Renewables, a Vermont manufacturer of small scale grid-connected wind turbines and solar tracking systems, has received a contract to install 382  AllSun Trackers at a solar farm in South Burlington, Vermont.   Final permits have been issued on the project, and construction is scheduled to begin in early November. The installation will be the largest solar array to date in the State of Vermont and is anticipated to be operational on a 32-acre site off of DuBois Drive in South Burlington, Vermont by early 2011.


The AllSun Tracker solar tracking system was designed by AllEarth Renewables CEO David Blittersdorf and his engineering team based in Williston, Vermont, and will be manufactured in Vermont.  


 “This project was made possible through incentives that the State of Vermont passed last year to spur the development of new renewable energy generation,” says Mr. Blittersdorf. “Part of this incentive package was Vermont’s Standard Offer for solar energy which was established at a rate of $0.30 per kWh. This rate provided an economic incentive to develop projects like this and help create sustainable jobs in Vermont’s hard-hit manufacturing sector.”  


Because of the enhanced efficiency of the AllSun Tracker technology, which follows the movement of the sun with a GPS system throughout the day, total kilowatt hours produced by the South Burlington Solar Farm are estimated to be over 3,000,000 kWh per year, 45% more than the amount of electricity produced by same number of fixed PV panels.


The project will be owned and operated by Chittenden County Solar Partners, LLC.  AllEarth Renewables has been contracted to perform the installation, which includes design of the solar farm’s electrical infrastructure and oversight and management of all subcontractors, as well as manufacturing the 382 AllSun Trackers required for the farm. 


 About AllEarth Renewables, Inc 

AllEarth Renewablesis a Vermont company that specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of complete grid-connected wind and solar renewable energy systems that lessen dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s goal is to provide turnkey products that harness the power of wind and sun for homes and businesses while creating sustainable, well-paying jobs.


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